Robert C. Smith

A Compassionate San Bernardino Elder Law Attorney

At The Elder Law Legal Group, P.C., we’re proud to provide exceptional legal service for the seniors of the San Bernardino and Los Angeles area. Attorney Robert Smith plays a critical role in our success as a firm. Talented, knowledgeable, and compassionate, Robert Smith is an ideal advocate for local seniors and their families.

Academic and Professional History

Robert Smith boasts a diverse professional background. This lends him a unique, yet incredibly valuable perspective on the legal industry. Additionally, his professional breadth has allowed him to gain a range of useful skills and knowledge that he draws upon every day as an elder law attorney.

Before he entered the legal profession, Robert Smith worked as a licensed real estate broker, serving locals through his own brokerage firm. He also held a management position with UPS. In every career endeavor, he has impressed clients, customers, and coworkers with his unmatched work ethic and professional conduct.

Currently, Robert Smith is proud to serve with us at The Elder Law Legal Group, P.C., assisting local seniors with estate planning, conservatorship, and guardianship concerns. In his spare time, he volunteers with the Montclair Extended Care Hospital, where he spends considerable time with senior patients. This lends him even greater insight into seniors’ clear need for strong legal support.

robert c smith and his granddaughter

Approach to Law

Robert Smith cares deeply about his clients, and it shows. During private consultations, he listens patiently to his clients’ concerns. He respects his clients enough to provide honest feedback. This transparency is greatly appreciated, and after meeting with him, clients feel fully prepared to take on the complexities of the local legal system. Clients also appreciate Robert Smit’s personalized approach; he understands that every case is different and may require a unique approach. His attention to detail is impressive, as is his drive for success.

Although kindhearted when meeting privately with clients, Robert Smith can be quite aggressive in court. He knows exactly when a zealous approach is necessary, and he fights assertively to ensure a positive legal outcome for every case he takes on.

There is no substitute for quality legal representation. When you work with Robert Smith, you’ll receive patient counsel and loyal legal support. Contact us at The Elder Law Legal Group, P.C. to learn more about Robert Smith and the role he could play in resolving your current legal concerns.

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